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The International Public Association "Academy of Navigation and Motion Control" was founded in February 1995 as a public association of scientists and researchers in the field of navigation and motion control. The Academy includes full and honorary members. The number of Academy members is not limited, there are no quotas. The new members are admitted by the Academy Presidium and initiated at the General meeting. According to the Academy Regulations, the actively working scientists, usually having a PhD, can be appointed the full members of the Academy. The creative activities of a future member should be proved by scientific publications during the last 5 years and by a recommendation from the head of Academy department or from a Presidium member. The same requirements are imposed on foreign members of the Academy. Distinguished scientists of the elder generation, who have supreme authority with specialists, are honorary members of the Academy.

Медаль премии имени
Н.Н. Острякова
At present the Academy numbers 402 members working for various companies, universities and organizations.
344 Russian members of the Academy work in 26 Russian cities.
The Academy membership involves well-known scientists from 9 countries: Russia, USA, Germany, France, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, India and South Korea.
They are actively promoting the development of the Academy's international contacts.

Financial independence of the Academy is based on a wide spectrum of work: analytical reviews, scientific and technical forecasts, theoretical studies carried out on requests of State and non-State organizations. The Academy has the right to conduct research work.
In 1996 the Academy revived the N.N.Ostryakov's honorary prize awarding.
The Academy implements several projects of scientific exchange. Of primary importance here is the role played by the annual Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems.

The Program Committee of the 7th St. Petersburg International
Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems
Since 1996 the Academy has been the co-founder of this Conference, and both foreign and Russian Academy members take an active part in its holding.
The information about the international conference supported by the Academy is published in the journals: IEEE AES Systems Magazine (USA), GPS World (USA), IEEE Technical Activities Guide (USA), Navigation (France), IFN and AAAF Bulletin (France), Gyroscopy and Navigation (Russia), Navigatsia i Hidrographia (Navigation and Hydrography, Russia, in Russian), Novosti navigatsii (Navigation News, Russia, in Russian) and some others. Publications about the Academy are included in the journals Gyroscopy and Navigation (Russia) and Global Defense Review (Great Britain).

Since 1999 the Academy has been holding the annual Conference of Young Scientists Navigation and Motion Control together with the CSRI Elektropribor.
The Academy assists Russian scientists in participating in authoritative international conferences both in Russia and abroad, and in publishing their works in the leading foreign editions.
Supported by the German scientific fund, the Academy members annually take part in the Symposium on Gyroscopic Technology in Karlsruhe (before 2007 held in Stuttgart).
     The Academy was involved in holding the AGARD Lecture Series N207 in St. Petersburg (1996), Moscow (1997), Kiev (1997), Samara (1998).
Since 2000 the Academy has been the associated member of the International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN).
In 2001 the Academy was registered by the Russian Department of Justice as the International public association Academy of Navigation and Motion Control.
In Russia the Academy is a co-founder of the scientific and technical journal Giroskopiya i Navigatsiya.
Twice a year (in May and October) the Academy conducts scientific sessions with a wide spectrum of papers, as well as enlarged out-meetings of the Presidium in the regional branches.
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