By | 27.03.2020

The 22nd Conference of Young Scientists “Navigation and Motion Control” has taken place on March 17-20, 2020 at Concern CSRI Elektropribor.

The Conference included 293 participants, 129 papers in the program out of which 121 paper was presented by authors from 45 companies from 11 Russian cities. Online presentations from Vietnam, Tajikistan, and USA were made. Traditionally the majority of papers were prepared by authors from ITMO University and Concern CSRI Elektropribor, 14 of them being written by teams of authors.

Professor Vladimir Peshekhonov, Elektropribor Director General, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, D.Sci., gave a welcoming speech, where he stated that a new period starts in autonomous navigation. For a number of recent years, satellite navigation systems were No. 1, providing unique positioning accuracy and good speed accuracy. However, satellite navigation suffers a number of principal drawbacks. First, the signal cannot propagate in closed indoor areas, under ground, under water, etc. Second, the signal is rather weak. Any noise can make it unusable. In these conditions autonomous navigation aids become more popular. The most required mass devices today are laser, fiber- optic, and MEMS gyros. Time has come for new gyros based on nuclear magnetic resonance, and they will be developed in the nearest 15 years. This period is required from the development start to the serial production of any gyro type.

Vladimir Peshekhonov gave a lecture entitled “Anatoliy Anfinigenov – the Designer of Precision Gyro with Electrostatic Suspension of Spherical Rotor”. Professor A. Shkel, PhD (University of California, Irvine, USA) presented a web lecture “MEMS Are Becoming 3D and Atomically Precise” on March 18. On the last conference day Professor A. Fradkov, D. Sci., from Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering, RAS, St. Petersburg, delivered a lecture “A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence”.

Traditional section called “Navigation and Motion Control in School Projects” was organized within the Conference. Nine papers were presented by schoolchildren from the 7 th to the 11 th grades.

It is for the second year that the Conference involved the Session of Young Scientists of Academy of Navigation and Motion Control held as a panel discussion. The meeting included two brilliant presentations by prominent scientists: "How to Apply for A Grant and Get It” by Oleg Granichin (Full member of the Academy, D. Ph.- Math., Prof., St. Petersburg State University) and “How to Apply for A Grant and Not Get Rejected” by Oleg Stepanov (Vice-President of the Academy, Associate Member of RAS, D.Sci., Prof. from Concern CSRI Elektropribor, St. Petersburg).

At the closing ceremony, three prizes named after prominent Elektropribor scientists were awarded. Anfinogenov Prize was given to М.А. Tit (Concern CSRI Elektropribor) for the papers “Studying the Process of Forming Thin-Film Structures on Spherical Gyro Rotors” and “Experience of Using Additive Technology in Design and Production at Concern Elektropribor” (with coauthors D.O. Epifanov, Ya.V. Belyaev). Farmakovskiy Prize was given to A.V. Malyshev (Academician Pilyugin Center, Moscow) for the paper “Identification of Error Model Parameters of Booster Inertial Navigation System by Star Sensors” (with coathor G.S. Sazanov from Academician Pilyugin Center). Nesenyuk Prize was presented to O.V. Zaitsev (Concern CSRI Elektropribor) for the paper “Prediction and Restoration of Stochastically Undetermined Processes in Satellite Navigation Differential Mode with Account for Their Size and Derivative”.

A special subsection within the Conference was devoted to optimal estimation methods.